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My So-Called Life ad in Sassy magazine

Today marks 20 years since My So-Called Life premiered. 
How My So-Called Life changed teen drama
Of course River would rename his fan club to a Friend Club! Beautiful!

Let’s face it: school is your so called life » 

What exactly is all on your river/James shelf lol?


A couple of postcards with River on them - I bought these in London from the market at Covent Garden, they used to have lots of River postcards, posters and pictures about 10 years ago but don’t have any now. It’s sad! And also, I have James Franco’s autograph on the back of a postcard of his with his artwork. I supported some films he’s involved with and got that from him and his team :)

There’s also some other random stuff on there; a 35mm black and white camera, sunglasses and an old pack of cigarettes that belonged to my grandfather!

River + Rain. Image and RHCP lyrics courtesy of @rainjphoenix. I really love this image and am so happy that Rain shared it with us all on River’s birthday this year! Just beautiful! Thank you, Rain! #myedit

Does it get much more beautiful than this?
River & Rain
One more photo for River on his 44th birthday! My River Phoenix VHS collection. I just love him, what he stood for, the causes he was passionate about, and how he inspired so many people during his lifetime. So beautiful!
More River perfection on what would have been his 44th birthday! My River and James Franco shelf. Two of my favourite actors! Thinking of River today and all the wonderful things he did, all the love he spread during his life, and the happiness and inspiration he continues to share with the world! Much love to you, River! #riverphoenix #happybirthday #love #peace #beautiful #jamesfranco
Happy birthday, River! He would have been 44 years old today. Here’s my framed photographs of River in my home. He is more than just my favourite actor, he is a constant source of inspiration, beauty and light! Much, much love to this incredible soul! ❤️