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James Franco backstage #3

" I would recommend new filmmakers focus on nurturing their relationships with collaborators. One struggling filmmaker doesn’t have a lot of resources, but we’ve seen many times when filmmakers band together and pool resources they become a movement and demand attention for themselves. Strength in numbers. "


Cara Cusumano

One of our TFF Programmers sat down with Dazed and Confused Magazine to discuss the future of indie cinema, non-fiction storytelling and the importance of collaboration

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Marlon Brando versus Ansel Elgort.
I have the top left photograph of Brando on my dresser. I keep looking at it and seeing Ansel Elgort! There’s definitely a resemblance there!
I’ve added a new tab to my blog!
As well as lots of River Phoenix, James Franco and Jared Leto loveliness, there’s also a special section called ‘Inspire Me!’. Check it out for lots of inspirational quotes and beautiful photographs!
Positive vibes and happy thoughts are all just a click away! :)

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind

From yesterday’s interview with Michael Pitt for I ORIGINS.

He is so beautiful!!!
Another photo of Richard Armitage with fans after his performance in The Crucible at The Old Vic.
I’ve never seen a stage door where fans have been told to line up in single file and the lead actor has walked the entire length of that line to sign autographs and take photos for everyone there!!! Wow! Richard Armitage is not only a brilliant actor but seems to be a very lovely man also! Wow!